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Every human society in any period of its development encounters a pressure to change the procedures in education, so-called the implementation of information transfer between individuals and groups. Today, education can also be implemented with the help of electronic and communication technologies, which educational institutions cannot properly capture and effectively integrate into the education system so far.

We are finding and creating comprehensive elements for education and communication with current demands from educational institutions and practice. The aim is to connect modern trends and approach to teaching at the international level, not covering the microenvironment only.

We believe in effective information transfer and sensible education that knows no time nor geographic boundaries.

Goals and visions

Our goal is to co-create an accreditation system based on personality and not on the authority of the state or institution. Just as the global Internet has its W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), we are developing an activity for the e-learning-based education system that aims at international reach and long-term growth and sustainability in e-learning.

We also invite other educators to interact with the founding organization EDU-SCHOOL Consultant z.s. Join us and help grow! Our societal value is in communication, trades, and opportunities. One of the best goals is to access these benefits regardless of their hardware, software, network infrastructure, native language, culture, endangered or dangerous or mental abilities.

About us

In 2013, several pedagogical staff and a non-profit organization merged, whose task is to comprehensively address and provide support for education.

During its several years of work in researching other systems and approaches to obtaining teaching credentials, the organization agreed on the need to develop another method of accreditation that would cover the following elements of assessment:

  1. Detach from the system of national authority / state authority / organization of the establishment of the state, as an organizational unit.
  2. Create self-authorization procedures that tell about the educator in terms of a material, professional or different measurable and verifiable point of view.
  3. Ensure the trust in the educator in terms of the educator's obligations.
  4. Create a two-stage evaluation system. In the first phase, the conditions for the educator's entry into the accreditation system and the allocation of monitored points for a five-year period, which qualifies the educator to a higher verification phase, as a certified educator.
  5. Designing independent quality evaluation systems for education and quality management.
  6. Promote and create materials in an appropriate form ready for sharing via electronic and communication technologies.
  7. Monitor the system of education of the educator in the field of curriculum development for target groups.
  8. The educator's readiness to enter the internet environment and openly share information about the results of the educator's work.


EDU-SCHOOL Consultant z.s.

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